Most pans are made from galvanized steel, however, we can make pans from stainless steel for a longer pan life.
We custom make replacement condensation and drip pans for your air conditioning units and water heaters.
A/C Condensate Pans
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All our custom pans are sealed and water tested.  They include a  " male nipple to connect to existing drain lines.   The pans can also have extra nipples and/or insulation added for an additional cost. 
If you need the Red-T unit "A-Frame" condensate pans (pictured to the right), we may have these already in stock.  The A-Frame pans come in two sizes, 18" and 22".  They also have right or left drains.    To measure your pan, stand it up so that your pan looks like an 'A'.  Measure in the center from the floor to the top of the pan.  It will measure either 18" or 22".  To figure nipple placement, with the pan facing toward you, the nipple will either be on the left or right.   The pan pictured is a left drain pan and is the most requested drain side.
Please call us for pricing, shipping costs and availability or estimated time to ship.   

We will need the dimensions, pictures and/or a drawing of your existing pan, so that we can make one to fit.
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